Access Control

Nursery Genie includes biometric Access Control integration.

We can control as many doors as you wish, many of our customers have implemented this system on their main entrance doors. Staff fingerprints are used to gain access to the Nursery rather than traditional keys.

Keys can be lost and more importantly, do not provide any authentication.

Nursery Genie provides configurable working hours, This enables you to specify which staff can access your building between specific times. Only a small subset of staff can have access 24 hours, 7 days per week. This is not only great for security, but can help from an insurance aspect also.

Revoking access when dealing with traditional keys can be difficult. With Nursery Genie, its easy – you can achieve this from the Staff record with just a click.

Nursery Genie also supports parent enrolment. So you may wish to allow parents access to an outer-foyer, whilst still providing security to the rest of the building.