Nursery Genie makes invoicing a piece of cake.


Detailed session information is held on each child which is used to create your invoices every month. Session details are very easy to record and can be entered in advance. Different invoicing patterns can be supported enabling the system to match parental shift patterns.


Invoices are created in a batch so they can be reviewed before they are printed and/or emailed to parents. This approach allows staff to amend individual invoices if necessary using the “recalculate” facility.


The invoicing process also supports a variety of different discount options (such as sibling or staff discounts) as well as additional surcharge options for school runs, nappies, meals etc.


Invoicing in advance has its limitations. Sometimes, a child might attend nursery for additional sessions, maybe during holidays for example. Such additional sessions can generally be easily missed from the invoicing process the following month. Nursery Genie helps to ensure that this doesn’t happen.


At the start of every invoicing run, Nursery Genie automatically checks the register for each child for the previous month and charges for any additional sessions. Simple, but effective.


Once all the invoices have been sent Nursery Genie can update book keeping packages such as ClearBooks, Xero, Sage or QuickBooks to provide accurate and up to date accounting information on a platform trusted by millions.