Staff Records

Nursery Genie helps manage your staff. We hold extensive details against each employee, including biometric timesheets.


Biometric timesheets are driven by our Time and Attendance module. Automating this process ensures timesheets are geniune (as staff must use their fingerprint to check-in and check-out). Timesheet data can be extracted and linked to one of our payroll partners.


Against a typical staff record, Nursery Genie holds the following information:


    • Personal Information
    • Bio-metric Profile (fingerprints for time and attendance module)
    • Photos
    • Timesheet History
    • Payroll details
    • Contact details
    • Next of Kin details
    • CRB details (including expiry dates and full history)
    • Car, insurance, MOT and driving license details
    • Qualifications
    • Training Records
    • Absence Records
    • Appraisals
    • Disciplinary and¬†Grievance


We also hold some other personal information which feeds the staff profiles section of the foyer module.


    • Star sign
    • Favourite Colour
    • Favourite Chocolate
    • Favourite Food
    • Favourite Drink
    • Favourite Holiday Destination


This allows parents to get to know the staff.