Nursery Genie is backed by outstanding support. Whether its implementation, training, documentation or just speaking to someone – we’ve got you covered.

Its not just software – its a service.

This product is not downloaded and installed by you, we install it as part of our structured implementation process.

This process includes the installation of your chosen equipment customised to suit your premises. This very personal service ensures we are familiar with every aspect of your business. By engaging staff early, we can identify specific training needs and even software changes to ensure a smooth transition from your existing working practises.

Delivering onsite training sessions using your own data and your exact equipment further increases the awareness and understanding throughout your team.

We also offer this training and support outside of Nursery opening hours including evenings and weekends (we even bring the pizza).

Many of the features Nursery Genie has today has been down to engaging users. We love development, we love ideas, we love having happy customers. A recent customer felt our staff check-in facility could be abused, we made it biometric. Not even identical twins can fool Nursery Genie now!

In a nutshell, we deliver a tailored service suited to your needs.

Finally, you can contact our help desk which is covered from 08:00 to 22:00 Monday to Friday.

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