Here are some testimonials from our happy customers using Nursery Genie.


Mes Enfants, Mumbles, Swansea

Owner: Rebecca Treharne

Capacity: 32 Children

Nurseries: 1

Mes Enfants is where Nursery Genie began back in 2010.

We approached Rebecca, the owner of Mes Enfants with an idea. Rebecca could immediately see the benefits of creating an easy to use management system and agreed to help us build the application alongside her manager and staff.
We set out to achieve a drastic reduction of paper records and ideally create an electronic version of the daily report sent home with parents. This had its challenges, Rebecca and her team have used 3 different devices before settling on our “touch screens” which have proven to be a highly successful platform for operating the system.


Nursery genie has transformed our business.
In less than a year, Nursery Genie had totally transformed the way the nursery operates. Daily Reports are collated using a couple of taps on the touch screen and tablet devices and emailed to parents. The whole invoicing process was cut down from “an afternoon” to 10 minutes.

Pobl Bach

Pobl Bach, Johnstown and Llangunnor, Carmarthenshire.

Owner: Catherine Rowlands

Capacity: 96 Children

Nurseries: 2

Pobl Bach are a bilingual setting with nurseries in Llangunnor and Johnstown in Carmarthenshire.
Both Nurseries required several touch screens and structured cabling over 3 storeys. Installation was completed over two separate weekends. During installation and training, Pobl Bach identified a number of areas that has further enhanced Nursery Genie. Features such as electronic signature capture and access control were added shortly after implementation.
As there was no existing Nursery Software in either setting, staff felt that computers would “slow them down”. Nursery Genie soon cut down staff time writing reports and managing paper records, as a result – staff would never go back!