Text Messaging & Email

Nursery Genie can send text messages and emails.

Text Messages can be sent on an ad-hoc basis from a contact record or the software will do it automatically in response to a certain event.

Events can be anything you like, popular choices include sleep updates and milk updates. Texts are driven by selecting events against a specific Child and subscribing parents to those events. So a parent with two children in your nursery can opt for text messages for the younger child for example.

Nursery Genie can also send bulk text messages to all parents. This feature is particularly useful when the nursery might be closed due to extreme weather conditions for example. The function is very easy to use and has been apparently very effective for our customers.

So even if its just a “Merry Christmas from all at ABC Nursery”, it’s a lovely touch delivered by Nursery Genie.

Text Messages can be attached to the following events:

    • Sleep updates including the start and end times for each nap.
    • Milk updates the bottle is finished along with the amount consumed.
    • Developmental Milestones can be delivered as they happen.
    • Nappy Details (yes, really)
    • Requests for more nappies, wipes, cream etc
    • Meal details including a breakdown of quantity eaten
    • Scheduled and ad-hoc medication
    • Overdue Invoices
    • Payment Receipts


This is not only a great service to offer parents, but also cuts down on the number of inbound calls to the nursery when children are settling in.

The same applies to email – we provide email integration for the delivery of daily reports, invoices, statements and newsletters.