Time & attendence

Nursery Genie includes biometric technology to manage time and attendance.

Say goodbye to outdated, inaccurate paper records and embrace biometric technology!

Your staff clock-in and clock-out by simply swiping their finger on a biometric reader. We usually place one of these outside to manage access control. This readers report the exact time staff arrive for work.

Using biometric technology ensures staff do not “forget” to check-in, because gaining access to your building and checking-in is one simple process.

The data captured is used to complete the daily register. The data includes who accessed a particular door at a certain time.
This data can be used to ensure staff are working the correct hours.

We can also use this data for payroll purposes. Nursery Genie offers integration with a number of different Payroll solutions for those who run payroll.

However, if your payroll is outsourced, Nursery Genie can export data in a friendly format for your accountant or payroll bureau.

    • Fully integrated to Nursery Genie staff record
    • Integrated to Payroll
    • Simply Clock-In and Clock-Out
    • No more paper timesheets
    • No more errors
    • Avoid “creative” timekeeping!
    • Handles lunch & breaks
    • Handles doctor appointments etc
    • Manages Shift Patterns

Time and Attendance using iClock 700