Touch Screens and Tablet PCs

Nursery Genie has been designed with a touch interface since day one. The first version on the system used PDAs, then as tablets became more prevalent we upgraded to Tablet PCs and Touch Screens.

Now, we offer a combination of the two. We install Touch screens in the Nursery Foyer and other key areas, usually around the dining areas and changing facilities with the option to allow staff to roam with Tablets. Whatever you need really.


  • Control Doors
  • Manage Medication
  • Check-In Children
  • Check-In Staff
  • Manage Observations
  • Manage Food Records
  • Manage Sleep Records
  • Record Nappy Changes
  • Manage Milk Records
  • Request Centre

Our Medication centre ensures your staff are always aware of scheduled medication. When a child is checked in, parents requesting medication for their child have to complete and digitally sign a request form using Nursery Genie. With this information, Nursery Genie indicates on all touch screens when medication is due using a simple traffic light system.

Staff are not only using the software to record day to day functions, but also assist with delivering stimulating activities for the Children. Nursery Genie contains a whole host of activities such as numbers, alphabets, colours and shapes. You are able to upload your own videos and flashcards in addition to the many we supply as standard.



Here we can see Nursery Genie running on a Touch Screen which includes a CCTV feed from the front entrance door.

Part of the Nursery Genie installation includes provision for CCTV cameras as well as biometric devices such as fingerprint readers and facial recognition.

In this particular setting, staff are able to view high definition video from the front door and even open the door using Nursery Genie. No more fuzzy video feeds from “standard” intercoms!

We can control up to eight doors in total. The “names” of each door can be controlled in the software.

As this functionality is part of Nursery Genie – this is available to all touch screens throughout your premises, which is ideal as staff do not have to leave the room to see who’s at the door, and open it if required.